Plants and Nature

plants and nature

I like being outside drawing.  Each one of these pictures records a length of time I spent somewhere.  Just looking at stuff that grows, trying to understand it and drawing it.  In the baking sun or the drizzling rain.  Being bitten by insects or getting cramp.  One or two were in my garden though, so at least I can have a cup of tea at the same time. 

The pictures in the gallery below are a selection of works that have (mostly) been sold. Many of them are now available as prints or cards.  If you are looking for original pieces for sale, please contact me directly for a list with prices and images or come to my next exhibition.

Coral Nude naked woman Rob MacGillivray nude drawing

Coral Nude

soluble pencil and wash on paper


Prince Regent sad Giraffe drawing Rob Macgillivray

Prince Regent

ink and wash on paper


Jostling little boats Rob MacGillivray ink water watercolour


ink and watercolour on paper


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