dogs & animals

dogs and animals

These drawings are done from life.  Yes, even the ones not native to South London.  Quite a few of them reside in comfort at Regents Park Zoo.  People often ask me to draw their dogs but I don't work from photographs.  They usually commission me for one or two sessions (I'm cheap!).  I draw the dog at their home and I do a large number of pictures.  It is a lot of fun and is, inevitably, unpredictable.  But I like the energy and spontaneity it gives the work.  With the client I choose one or two of the pictures to mount and frame.  If you are interested in commissioning me to draw your dog, drop me a line.

The pictures in the gallery below are a selection of works that have (mostly) been sold. Many of them are now available as prints or cards.  If you are looking for original pieces for sale, please contact me directly for a list with prices and images or come to my next exhibition.

Late Night Blues Rob MacGillivray nude figure drawing

Late Night Blues

soluble pencil and wash on paper


Me Hearties

ink and wash on paper


Swirling Downstream japanese art Rob MacGillivray ink water watercolour

Swirling Downstream

ink and wash on paper


happy jitterbug drawing rob macgillivray
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