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I limit my Instagram feed to about 45 pictures, because it covers my recent work.  No one seems to bother looking back much further than that anyway.

Since I add new pics most weeks, that means that I delete quite a lot.  So, if you saw a picture there and liked it, but it's now gone, hopefully it is here.  I crop all my pictures on Instagram to square format whether they were originally framed that way or not.  Click on the picture to see it full size and square.  The original aspect ratio formats for many of these pictures are elsewhere on the website.

Several of these pictures are available as high quality framed and mounted prints in this square format.  Use the contact form to ask for details if you see one you like.  Several of them are available as greetings cards, again in a different format.  Please check the Greetings Cards page for more details and images.

Think Going Cry Rob MacGillivray nude drawing
Prince Regent Sad Giraffe Rob MacGillivray animal drawing
Mousehole Cornwall St Ives Rob MacGillivray ink water watercolour

Porcine Warrior

ink and wash on paper


Swirling Downstream

ink and wash on paper


Late Night Blues

soluble pencil and wash on paper